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ASPK financial group has developed and implemented an auto consulting and auto research program for maintaining brokerage accounts on MICEX and other international exchanges

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Sharpe ratioIts function is to understand how much the return on the asset compensates for the risk that the investor takes. The higher the coefficient, the higher the reliability and stability of the system. The base value of the coefficient is 1. That is, if the Sharpe ratio of the strategy is less than 1, the strategy is highly risky and a significant part of the capital can be lost. ATIS AI has a Sharpe ratio exceeds 2 times the base value, which shows that ATIS AI is a stable strategy

per yearProfitability is indicated for the last 10 years per annum. It reflects work entirely on the invested amount, namely, earned funds do not participate in trade every year. Leverage is not used, i.e. no borrowings